point of view 2020

dedicated to contemporary painting and sculpture

in association with Hay Festival 2020

Charles Hewlings  Stephen Lewis  Mali Morris
Freya Purdue  Christine Stark  Fraser Taylor
Joel Tomlin  Naomi Van Holbutt  Alison Wilding  Min Zhao


“The arrival of randan stables and this gallery, and the idea of this degree of commitment to excellence, and to internationalism, and to beauty, is a wonderful thing for Hay and for this whole area. Thank you for doing what you’ve done, thank you for allowing us to be a small part of it at the festival…. It is a fantastic adventure and we wish you every success with it, forever.” 


Peter Florence
Hay Festival

randan stables gallery

randan stables gallery is located in a beautiful rural setting, high in the hills, 6 miles from Hay-on-Wye within a former Welsh mountain pony stud farm.


randan stables gallery

All artworks are for sale.
For further information: [email protected]